Commission me

Would you like to hire me to provide you with artwork? Get in touch.

I am available for commissioned work ranging from illustration and portraits to graphic design and more. Bespoke, hand-drawn artwork can really enhance projects that would otherwise use standard computer-generated graphics.

Perhaps you’d like a small illustration for your website, a book project, flyers or maybe you’d like an A1 size promotional poster for your business.

Because I have a background in both traditional and digital art (including graphic design) I can provide you with artwork that is ready to go for your requirements, be it digital, web, print etc.

Feel free to run your idea by me and I can provide you a quick, no obligation quote.

I can provide small illustrations from $30.

Film-style hero poster prices vary. For example, at the upper end of the scale, the Indiana Jones Destiny poster would cost $800 due to the complexity and time involved. A poster such as this can take upwards of 3 weeks to complete. A poster such as MTB Campaign would be $450 as the design is much more simple. If you have an idea, or a specific budget, get in touch for a chat.

Portraits start at $150 for a pencil only (black and white graphite style) A3 print and $190 for a coloured A3 print in the film poster (pencil and paint) style. I work primarily from photo references. It is important that the photo is high resolution with good lighting and adequate detail.

Again, the cost of the specific artwork varies depending on size and complexity.


All my work begins with a pencil sketch. Colour is added over the pencil to create the final image, be it an A3 sketch style print or A1-A2 poster.

Posters are created primarily on my MacBook Pro and iPad in the Affinity Photo 2 software. My primary drawing display is an XP Pen Artist 24 QHD. I also use the Procreate app on my iPad. All works are hand-drawn (no fancy filters or shortcuts!).

What you will receive

If you purchase custom artwork you wil be provided with the original digital file, a file ready for your project and/or a print that is ready to use.